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Monday, October 16, 2006

Tristin With His Halloween Costume

well I got Tristin a halloween costume today..... and i go to turn on the dryer on and there is tristin sleeping in his bed of course cuz its almost midnight now.... wearing his costume it was the cutest well here is a picture of it

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tristin Is Learning His Letters!!

alright everyone so tristin has been learning his letter's in school.... he seems to be liking learning them... actually this morning before school he wanted to practice his letter's so i let him for a few mins before we had to leave the house... its so cute seeing him learning all these new and different things... well i took a pic of him practicing i hope you all enjoy it :D

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Yet another Birthday party lol

well tristin went to another birthday party on saturday October 7, 2006 and the kids name was Kai i thought it was a girl so i went and bought a present for a little girl and then matt and tristin meet me downtown after work and everything and we are eating and everything and he tells me Kai is a boy not a girl so i have to go return what i bought and got a different present lol... anyways it was a swimming party at the travelodge and he wouldn't go in right away... he wanted me to go in with him and that was fine... and when i went in with him he was like glued to me lol i had to yank him off of me to get him to swim by himself boy i'm so proud of him swimming by himself.... and if any of you know how tristin is you know exactly what i mean lol well here are some pics from the birthday party...